If you’re looking to build your business’s profile on Instagram, you have plenty of options available to you including SociallyGo. You can try any number of free or paid strategies, whether it’s following others in hopes that they follow you back or posting often with the hope that your content gets noticed by more people. Here are 10 tips to help you grow your real audience on Instagram rather than buy followers.

1) How Many Instagram Followers Do I Need?

If you’re just getting started on Instagram, then it might seem like a daunting challenge to build an engaged and enthusiastic following. So many influencers have huge followings (hundreds of thousands or even millions), but you don’t need that kind of social media clout to make a difference in people’s lives. What counts most is authenticity and accessibility—if you want to encourage engagement from your followers, then make sure they can access you whenever they want. As for how many? That depends on what kind of content you plan on sharing, but 20-30K should be plenty when starting out. You can buy Instagram followers Australia to boost your personal brand image in order to get instant attention from other people.

2) Understand Engagement vs. Follower Numbers

A big misconception is that real Instagram audiences will stick around for a brand once they’ve purchased some sort of engagement. That’s actually not true. When brands are purchasing Followers, what they’re really doing is buying a quick spike in numbers. In other words, if you purchase 5,000 followers on IG, those people will likely stay engaged for a short period of time (maybe one or two weeks) and then completely disengage from any future posts you make in hopes that you’ll pay them again to do so—and so on and so forth. It’s an endless cycle…and a waste of money! If you’re looking to build a loyal and genuine following online, forget about follower numbers and focus on engagement instead.

3) Focus on Quality over Quantity

It’s simple math: if you have 100,000 fans but only get an engagement rate of 0.1%, that’s only 1,000 engaged fans. If you buy Instagram followers, on the other hand, you can get 1 million fans in a few months at a fraction of what it would cost to spend years organically growing an account. The question is whether that extra 989,000 will really help attract new customers and grow your business—and there are two key reasons why they won’t. First off, most bots and inactive accounts will never engage with anything you post anyway so their value is minimal.

4) Post Amazing Content

Posting awesome content on Instagram is one of the fastest ways to build a large following. How do you create good content? By being yourself and putting some time into it. Always make sure that each photo makes sense in context and conveys an idea or emotion that’s relevant to you and your brand. Take every post seriously, as if it were advertising itself—and then ask yourself whether or not you’d actually buy whatever product or service is shown within it. If you wouldn’t be interested in something based on a single image, why would someone else?

5) Build Relationships

If you have a genuine interest in creating something of value for your audience, then you should have nothing to worry about. When others see that you’re putting in an effort, they’ll want to get involved and become a part of what you’re doing. Put yourself out there and build relationships with people before promoting any products or services. Once you establish good connections, then it will be much easier to gain an audience for your profile and increase followers. It will also help when it comes time for influencer marketing! If anyone wants a list of who I work with please shoot me an email at [email protected]

6) Post Often

When it comes to building a strong and growing following on social media, it’s all about quality, not quantity. Sure, when you first start out you’ll want to post as often as possible in order to get noticed and build a base of engaged fans. But once you’ve hit 1k or 5k or 15k followers you don’t need to post every day. In fact, doing so could come across as spammy or desperate; if people have followed you and interacted with your content they’ll know when new stuff is up and will check back for updates.

7) Use Hashtags Effectively

Making use of hashtags on Instagram is a great way to get your posts in front of people who wouldn’t otherwise see them. The key is knowing how and when to use them. Not all hashtags are created equal, and it can be easy to take a wrong turn when using them. For example, you should generally avoid using #followers or #follow4follow — it makes you look like someone that doesn’t care about their followers at all (and most people do). It can also make you look less trustworthy, and even desperate for attention from strangers online.

8) Collaborate

Getting new followers on social media isn’t an exact science. There’s no guaranteed formula for gaining more fans, and most of it comes down to trial and error. However, there are a few tried-and-true methods that help you gain Instagram followers: posting regularly, finding content that resonates well with your target audience, and collaborating (both within your niche as well as outside of it). When you work together in a mutually beneficial way (for example by following each other or including one another in a group post), you create visibility for each other on Instagram’s algorithmically-driven timeline. This helps you organically increase engagement—and likely gain some new fans along the way.

9) Set Up Your Page Right from the Start

First impressions are everything in marketing and that definitely holds true for social media. People take a few moments to decide whether or not they like something, so giving them an immediate reason to follow you (and eventually purchase your products) is critical. The best way to do that is by using a high-quality profile photo and cover image. These two images are what people will see right when they visit your page—so make sure they’re of you or your logo (or both!) and look great from far away as well as up close. If you can find someone else who can help out, get them in front of the clean background and snap an image; if not, shoot photos yourself on a plain white backdrop.

10) Join the Meetups

Instagram is one of those social networks that you can’t use half-heartedly. You have to make a conscious effort at building your following, otherwise, it will never get off of its feet. Because of how much time and energy goes into building an active and engaged following on Instagram, many businesses are looking for ways to make it easier. If you’re thinking about hiring virtual assistants or part-time employees to help handle all that work for you, Meetup is one great way to know the new and interesting peoples and it will help you to gain some new followers.

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