Instagram? How can I increase legit traffic on my Instagram account?

A normal question most Instagram account holders have in their minds. In the present era, Instagram is now a mainstay of not only brands but an individual who are trying to open their ways for passive income by having engaging audiences and interactions.

Even so, few achieved their targets what they always wanted to. The technique is simple. There are few legitimate ways to improve the number of followers counting. 

If your Instagram presence isn’t as vigorous as you wanted, it might be time to educate yourself on how to hone your strategies for getting organic audiences The more horned your page is, the more followers you get.

You should know the term Organic and its eminence. Every so often, Brands or individuals lookout for an easy way to pay for likes and followers, but is it worth it, considering regular updates of Instagram algorithm to prune paid or low-quality accounts.  Note, the greater number of followers eventually means nil if they are not participating or engaging on your page. It is high time to construct your profile in the right way with these tips to build your state on your Instagram Page. 

Few Ways to increase Instagram followers.

1. Hone 

Before taking off to increase followers’ tips let hone your Instagram account by thinking of the proper Page’s introduction/ bio.

Using no proper bio, image, username, how will people get to know about the brand. A proper foundation of your brand identity is a must to construct something big. The link used in your account is the transport which will drive traffic to your page. So, hone your page.

If you are not aware of where to link, you can always link to marketing and product pages using specific hashtags and keywords related to your page.

Moreover, always have your username which is close to your brand name, do not use special characters or numbers with your name. If possible, use the same names for the social pages you have for a brand. Short names are normally helpful for people in recognizing them.

2. Upload Inline Content

The biggest mistake you can do is when opting for more followers is to upload random content, as result followers usually forget about your brand. To counter this try to upload content related to your brand and approximately 200 million Instagram users log on daily so post a few times a day but you shouldn’t post more than a few times.

Posting consistently according to your brand will help in building the trust of your followers. 

3. Schedule Instagram posts in advance

Now the Instagram algorithm works to show users the content they like but posting at the right times can give you more visibility and reach. posting at the right times can still give your posts more visibility by increasing the overall engagement they receive.

Let us tell you what you want, and we will do work for you. You can also use It analyzes your account and identifies the optimal times to post according to Instagram’s algorithm.

4.Plan to perfection using

Many features in will perfect your Instagram feed. You can share visuals from the Asset library and grid preview features to enhance your presence according to true brand style.

5. Engagement of Partners 

During the process of learning how to have more Instagram followers (organically) it’s important to know the value of your audience. A large number of followers means more buyers.

Sometimes it is scathing to be present on your Instagram as well as others. So one of the ways is to sponsor or collaborating user-generated content to get your brand in customers’ feeds. You can also hold Instagram contests to get your brand out to a larger audience. This will be helpful as customers are satisfied and boost your business. 

Try engaging large Instagram accounts related to your industry like notable influencers in your space, to share your content with their audience.

6. Never go for Fake Instagram followers

There is a difference between fake and organic followers. It might seem an easy way for boosting but it will affect organic followers’ growth.

  • Mislead new followers: If a new user visits your Instagram feed which has no regular activities but has a large number of followers, it will lower the account’s credibility. Do not mislead people who are following you. Build trust and long-running relationships for better engagement. 
  • Have no ROI: What is the point of getting fake followers and acquired bots when they are not buying anything. People generally follow accounts because they like what you are posting and are interested in. and they are not commenting or engaging themselves in your posts. Organic followers like to share, like and comment and engage with your posts.

7. Instagram Occurrence

How are people going to find an account unless you promote your Instagram? Make sure your Instagram account is listed on your website and other social networks.

Creativity in profile and awareness can be helpful to be discovered. You aim to be letting people find you by adding social media buttons to the website and blog, promote across social media accounts. But keep in mind, you are not asking them to follow you direct rather showcase creative content (Stories, Feed, IGTV, Videos) so users have the reason and interest to follow you.

8. Engage Audience

One of the best ways to make the user take interest in your profile is through messaging. in this scenario comes who will help you in Instagram caption copywriting skills to enhance technical writing skills.

People might ask queries related to the brands, try to respond to as many questions or comments as possible, because it will help in improving your relationship with the audience. 

9. Utilization of Hashtags

Hashtags are important to get followers on Instagram. As a brand you want to build your community and hashtags provide just that. One of the most tried-and-true ways to get followers on Instagram is through hashtags. 

For beginners, do not go for hashtags that are too populated, rather search for those that people in your target audience are more likely to check. If they find you there are more chances they will follow you.

Understanding how your hashtags perform on Instagram is also just as critical to using them. And with’s hashtag analytics tools, you have direct access to hashtag performance and usage data to see what’s working best.

10. Happy Followers, Happy You

Last but not least, when your followers are happy you can see a difference in your brand’s growth. We have given you few tips for brainstorming, content writing, planning, and strategies for brand voice. Do not be shy. Conquer the market with the brain.

How are you growing your Instagram following?

Instagram is a store, so take advantage of tips to get followers. If you’re ready to put powerful tools behind your Instagram management, today.

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