Our social media accounts have become important parts of our lives. It has become a crucial part of our lives, and this trend is only growing. Social media profiles are no longer places to share photos and send messages; they have evolved into tools that let us connect with people all over the planet. If you believe that someone has hacked your Instagram account, you can take steps to find out, recover the account, and stop future issues.

A hacker will generally do this in one of three ways:

  • Get hold of your login information.
  • Using third-party apps: Always revoke access to doubtful third-party apps. Never allow an app that you do not trust to get access to your personal information.
  • Phishing. In short, hackers will send you a satisfying email that has a link to a fake Instagram login page. If you click it and log in with your username and password, they get your detail. No click a link sent to you via email.

Follow three steps to help adviser you to the recovery of your account:

1: Use Instagram Account Recovery

If your Instagram account hack then your first step is to recover your account.

  • Go to the Forgot password button
  • From there you will enter email your email address or phone number and click send the login link. At that time Instagram will send you an email to help you recover your account.

2: How to report the account hacking to Instagram

If you are not able to recover your password due to the hacker changing it, the next step is to report it to Instagram. On their website, you will fill in a form with all your account details, and there you will choose My account hacks and then click Request Support. When you come back from Instagram, they will have you verify your identity for a more measure of security.

  • The methods look like this:
  • You will send a code from the website.
  • They will also have you display the original phone number or email address that you used for the account.
  • Finally, Instagram will verify that you are the user of the account by analyzing the photo of your Instagram photos.

3: Check Your Login Activity

This step is found in your Instagram settings. Checking your login activity will display you every time someone has used your username and password combination to get into your account. Doing this can help you to allow suspicious logins to your account. When checking your login activity, it will display the date and time of each login. This can frequently be tricky to remember if it was you or someone else. However, if you notice you have followers that you did not accept or photos posted that you know you did not take, then most likely someone has hacked into your account.