The answer to the question above is simple:  No!

More than a billion people use Instagram monthly. There are profiles of celebrities, public figures, businesses, bloggers, influencers, etc on Instagram and millions of people visit these profiles. Having a public account means that the person has no issues with random people visiting their profile. If anybody has issues and is concerned about their privacy, they can always switch to a private account. If you have a public account and you are concerned about why your followers are not growing, then boost your profile with SociallyGo without any delay!

Why the profile visitors’ identity cannot be revealed?

The logical reason for not revealing the identity or names of people visiting another account is the privacy right of these people. If we take our own example we would not like another person to know that we have visited their profile again and again but have no intention of following them, so the same goes for another individual!

Why is there a need to know who visited your bio?

Before we get up to start looking for ways to fulfill our curiosity of knowing the identities of our profile visitors, let us know why somebody would be interested in knowing who visited their profile.

If you have a business account then Instagram lets you know only the number of people who have visited your profile but does not give out their identities. As an individual, sometimes we are just curious to know if there is any person who is a silent admirer so we are interested in finding a way to monitor our profile visitors.

As a keen Instagram user, you might wonder who has been trailing your profile on daily basis without actually following you. If this is the only reason then you can check those lurkers by using some other Instagram features.

Using Instagram stories to track your visitors

Instagram stories is a very useful way to check who is visiting your stories daily. Instagram lets you see your story viewers and you can use this feature to satisfy your curiosity of knowing who has been frequently visiting your profile or in this case, stories. All you have to do is post a captivating story every day for a few days and monitor the names that pop up in story viewers. This will give you a rough idea of your profile visitors. If you are struggling to turn your visitors into followers and want to grow your followers base then you can always opt to buy Instagram followers Australia if needed!

Using third-party apps

There are a variety of apps that claim to reveal the accounts who have visited your profile bio. But if you do a little research their claim is not very promising. The app reviews will tell you that they are just giving out the same random profile names to every other person and there is no proof that they can find out the real visitors. Also, they pose a privacy threat to anyone using those apps. So it is better to stay away from such apps.


In short, Instagram has not offered any feature to identify who has visited your profile as yet. And it seems unlikely that any such feature will be available in the future either. Social media is a platform to share your thoughts and other creative content with your audience so just forget the need to know who and why somebody is visiting your profile and enjoy your time by sharing your content and appreciating the work of others!

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