Instagram is the visual reality of modern age social media. Nobody can deny the importance and sensation of this amazing platform. Almost, every person which has a smartphone and internet is on social media. People like to see that what world celebrities are doing and what new trends are going. It is the main hub of Influencer marketing and individual popularity. SociallyGo is the exclusive outlet that can help you to excel in IG marketing to achieve your goals. In other words, Instagram has a world and culture that has an immense impact on its users. It’s fun to watch cooking videos of celebrities having fun and nature’s beauty on the same platform. So, we come to the main point that how you can track and see someone’s activity on Instagram? Instagram allows you to just see the activities of people that you follow.

1-How you can see recent activity?

  • First Step: It’s very simple to check the recent activity of a person that you follow on Instagram. Just type their username in the search bar and press the search button.
  • Second Step: You will see that specific profile, their recent post on top, and old posts toward the bottom.
  • Third Step: Now, you can open any post of your choice to see that when that post was posted. If you want to see the comments related to that post, click on the “View all comments” option.

2- How you can see your recent followers?

  • First Step:  Just open your profile and click on followers, if you are on phone then It’s possible that you couldn’t see your followers in the order in which they followed you.
  • Second Step: If you are facing the same issue which is mentioned in the above section then open your account on the web browser, there you can see your follower in the recent following order. I hope this trick would work for you.

3- How you can see when someone was online?

  • First Step: There are some limitations to see that when the IG users were online. You just can see the persons that are in chat with you. Simply, go to your messages section and the information will be visible about their online status.

I hope that the above-mentioned information will be helpful for you. As we were talking earlier that Instagram is part of our daily life routine. When we are partying, we post even when we are sad, we also share our feeling. This platform can make you famous and can bring you fame, influencer marketing money even sales lead too if you’re running a business page. You can enjoy these benefits only when you have a handsome following on IG. To do this, you have to do a lot of effort to gain more followers but if you opt for an instant growth method then buy Instagram followers Australia can be a game-changer for you. Why it is? It costs you very little and you can enjoy reputation and fame promptly. Everyone is looking to grow followers count eagerly. But most folks are unaware of this advanced and time-saving technology. You should always look forward to growing and find new ways to excel.

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