Can you still add links to Instagram Stories even if you do not have 10,000 followers? Well, yes! I know this sounds too good to be true. And really, it is! You just need to know the hacks that work. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to add links to Instagram Stories even if you don’t have a specific number of followers. What’s great about these hacks is that they’re not complicated or expensive. They’re simple and can help your account increase its engagement on IG with no cost at all or you can visit SociallyGo for more growth hacks and solutions. Let’s get started!

1) Understand Why This is Important

Users on popular social media platforms like Instagram can now add links to their posts and stories. But did you know that it’s possible to add links to your stories even if you have a lower follower count? Yes, you read that right. The only thing stopping you from doing so is if your account is private or protected from following. If you are looking to boost your following for building trust and authority for your social media then opting to buy Instagram followers Australia is the trendiest solution available at an affordable cost.

2) Why it matters:

Adding links in your posts or stories is an easy way for your followers to check out what other accounts or sites you think are worth following. With so many influencers and celebrities jumping on board with adding links in their stories, it’s not hard for others users on Instagram (or any other site with similar features) to start doing so as well.

2) Create Your Own Link

Instagram Stories links are now clickable and you don’t need a huge following to use them. There are many benefits of having clickable links within your Instagram stories. One of these benefits is increased exposure. When people see that your story link can be clicked, they will be more likely to click it, not just for curiosity but also because they’ll want to find out what they might be missing on your feed if there’s something new going on with you! Other people won’t feel left out when you post things like videos or photos that only last for 24 hours because they’ll know where they can go to find them later and not have their memory of it destroyed when it disappears.

3) Add the Link to One Story

The third way is by linking your story directly to your website or an online shop. To do so, click on Link at the top of your story and select Website as one of your options. It will then ask you for either an URL, username, or password for your link.

4) Use Hashtags Before Links

One way of building exposure on Instagram is by including hashtags before your links. The hashtag will allow users to browse through their feed or search for content related to that tag, see your posts, and follow you. So, when posting something about making chocolate pie with coconut oil, for example, you would write Making chocolate pie with coconut oil at home! followed by tags like #pie, #recipe, and #coconutoil. Remember not all tags will work well, so experiment with what makes sense for your niche and location.

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