We hear the word algorithm tossed around a lot these days. But what does it mean and how does it affect our day-to-day lives?

We are going to explore algorithms in general and take a closer look at how the Instagram algorithm works. We’ll examine how it may affect you if you’re an influencer or a brand. So, what is an algorithm, anyways? An algorithm is a series of instructions for completing a task.

Why Does the IG Algorithm Matter?

Many users use Instagram as their go-to social media platform for catching up on what’s happening in friends’ lives, following new trends and finding out about events. However, it can be difficult to find new content and stay engaged if you’re not getting enough notifications or your feed is constantly changing without any logic behind it. In response, Instagram has introduced an algorithm that determines what shows up on each user’s timeline/feed intending to show the right content at just the right time.  You can also help yourself by getting Instagram followers in Australia to keep yourself in the game.

The update is designed to promote engaging posts rather than posts with lots of likes or comments.

1. Don’t Overpots

Don’t over posts. This may seem like common sense, but one of our clients was posting three or four times in one day and they were doing it too often. You must think about how often you’re posting concerning how often your followers are engaging with your content. For example, if you have 10k followers and all of them never engage with your posts, you should post less. One major factor is that if users don’t react much to what they see when scrolling down their feeds, then Instagram will show them fewer posts from that person as time goes on.

Don’t over-post This may seem like common sense, but one of our clients was posting three or four times in one day and they were doing it too often.

2. Be Personal

With all of these changes, it’s easy to feel discouraged about gaining followers. But as always, there are ways you can turn these negatives into positives for your account. First off, some people may have lost followers because they don’t post personal photos or they are so consistent with posting content that they seem less human. I think any type of change in posting patterns is going to make it seem like you’re no longer active or passionate about your account; but if your posts typically consist of impersonal content and that’s something you want to avoid, then experiment with posting more personal photos on Instagram! It could help get more eyes on your account because people will be curious about who you are and what your life is like. In this regard, SociallyGo is a trusted partner if you are looking for a constant engagement solution.

3. Diversify Your Accounts

The algorithm is always changing, so it’s smart to have multiple accounts with differing content. This way, if one account is throttled, you can fall back on another and still get some followers. With Instagram Stories and live streaming being highly visible within feeds, it pays to be active in these mediums as well. The more frequently you post on different accounts and different platforms, the better chance you’ll have of being seen by your target audience.

4. Post Consistently

With new changes taking place on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, it’s no wonder that other social media platforms are making similar adjustments. Such is also true for Instagram, which just announced some big changes coming to their feed.

In one major change, they’re going to be following an algorithm that will assign photos and videos that have been viewed most in terms of engagement as ones you’ll see first. This means it won’t be purely chronological any longer–similar to how it worked before 2016 when they went from an algorithmic timeline back to showing posts in reverse-chronological order with limited surprise updates.

5. Use Hashtags Consistently

Hashtags are among the most effective tactics for improving visibility on Instagram. Incorporating them in your posts consistently will help keep you visible and relevant. Hashtags increase your potential reach and engagement exponentially, providing you with valuable feedback from those who would otherwise be oblivious to your posts. Incorporating hashtags can also make it easier for users who aren’t following you yet but are interested in what you’re posting to find you more easily. To use hashtags correctly, be sure to read any provided instructions from individual accounts or company pages before posting an image or video and refrain from using too many of them in one post – aim for no more than 6-8 per post at most.

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