If you’re trying to gain followers on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you need to know the best times to post on social media. The best time to post on any social media is 11 am Eastern Standard Time – 5 pm Eastern Standard Time. These are your prime hours because people are starting to come home from work and have a little bit of time before they head out for dinner.

When to Post on Instagram?

Social media is all about engagement. That means you have to post at times when people are most likely to see your posts. It may seem like common sense, but new research from some of the top social media experts reveals what we already know – timing is everything.

It turns out that what’s old is new again: mornings are best for posting! According to 2019 stats, 41% of engagements happen between 8 am and noon. On weekends, that number jumps up: 47% of engagements happen during those morning hours. Other top-notch times for engaging posts include early evening (Friday at 7 pm) and mid-afternoon (Thursday at 3 pm). You can also grab the chance to buy Instagram followers Australia by opting for SociallyGo.

When is Twitter Most Active?

A graph shows that there are different peaks of activity throughout each week. There is little to no activity during Monday morning, but there is peak activity at noon and another one between 2-4 pm. The opposite is for Tuesday with an activity peak around 3-5 am and then again from 8:30 am-11:30 pm. The most active day seems to be Friday with two peaks between 8 am-12 pm and then again from 3 pm-6 pm. On Saturdays, people seem more active in general except for midnight, so it is best to post early during Saturday mornings or late on Friday nights.

When is Snapchat Popular?

Snapchat will remain popular among millennials and Generation Z, but will soon fade away as they enter adulthood. A survey of 8,000 young people born between 1995 and 2002 found that Snapchat was by far their favorite app for sending images with 68% surveyed saying they loved it. It is also important to consider where all of your followers are coming from when deciding when you should post. We’ve already established that Instagram is more popular than ever among teens, so it’s safe to say you should be posting there during school hours for maximum success.

When is Facebook Most Active?

Marketers, beware! Facebook is more lenient with its content censorship, so make sure your posts are squeaky clean. You don’t want to post anything that will get you and your company banned from all of Facebook’s services. It’s still worth using insights from other platforms to help inform when you should post on Facebook. Try posting at least once every two hours or once every day for maximum reach and engagement.

When is Pinterest Most Popular?

Pinterest is most popular during daytime hours when people are at work. A large percentage of active Pinterest users log on between 9 am and 5 pm. The research found that posts with images got twice as many views, while posts without images got only one-third as many views. Visuals are key for increasing social media engagement and success.

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